Walk Across Arkansas Fall 2017

September 17 - November 11


Team Name County
A Team Polk
ARDot Materials Division Pulaski
Acme Walking Co. LRSO
Aerobic Water Walkers Lawrence
After Work Walk Stone
Animal Science LRSO
Annexercisers Pope
Area Fifty-Six LRSO
Arkansas Solemates Washington
Arnette's Highsteppers Cleveland
BeeGees Poinsett
Beer Ox Jefferson
Benton County 4-H Benton
Better Together Pope
Bird Legs Poinsett
Blister Sisters LRSO
Blister Sisters with a Mister Baxter
Blondie Bombers Jefferson
Boone County Trekkers Boone
Born To Runners Poinsett
CES Walkers Arkansas
Cady's Walk Drew
Camden Road EHC Jefferson
Cave Springers Benton
Cave Springs 4-H Benton
Cave Springs 4H Old Folks :) Benton
Circus Clerks Ashley
Cool Greeen Team Arkansas
Country Milers Cleveland
Country Milers 2 Cleveland
Craighead County Extension Staff Craighead
Crawbabies Crittenden
Creative Minds Ashley
Creechers Pope
Crossett Eagles Ashley
Crossett Elem School Ashley
Crossett Headstart Ashley
Crossetts Strolling Divas Ashley
D's Amigos Cleveland
DHS Steamers Ashley
Dallas County Walkers Dallas
David's Trail: Robinson Point to Red Bank Baxter
Dell Team Heartcore Mississippi
Delta Steppers Phillips
Do it to it Arkansas
Dogwood Forest Steppers Jefferson
EH Steppers Howard
EH Steppers 2 Howard
EH Steppers 3 Howard
EH Steppers 4 Howard
EH Steppers 5 Howard
EH Steppers 6 Howard
EPiC Warriors Poinsett
Egalitarians Ashley
Extension Diabetes Prevention Team LRSO
Extension Travelers Ashley
Faulkner Fitness Fans Faulkner
First Ladies Poinsett
Fit to be Tied Faulkner
Flex Time Pulaski
Footloose Sassy Feet Ashley
Foxy Ladies Arkansas
Gaining Ground Independence
Gert's Gals LRSO
Get 2 Movin' Sebastian
Get Fit Cleburne
Gillham Travelers Sevier
Go Go Girls Ashley
Gosnell Go-getters Mississippi
Got Our Head in the Game Poinsett
Grant County Fitness Walkers Grant
Green Racers Arkansas
HIS kids Pope
HMS Trailblazers Ashley
HR Walking Warriors LRSO
Happy Feet Ashley
Havana E.H. Movers Yell
Healthy Consumers 1 Ashley
Healthy Consumers 2 Ashley
Healthy Consumers 3 Ashley
Healthy Lifestyle Ashley
Hearne Steppers Crittenden
Hearty Walkers 1 Jefferson
Hearty Walkers 2 Jefferson
Hearty Walkers 3 Jefferson
Henson Family Adventures Arkansas
Highway 110 Strollers Van Buren
Histemplecare Pope
Hogskinners Calhoun
Holy Walkamolies! Miller
Izard County Steppers Izard
JHS - The Little Listers Craighead
JHS(sleeping dogs) Craighead
JHS- Jonesboro Walkers Craighead
JHS- Wolves Craighead
JHS-R.I.P Walking Craighead
JHS-Walking Beauties Craighead
JHS-jonesborohurricanes Craighead
JHS-radical protein Craighead
Jackson County Walkers Jackson
Jhs - J-Walkers Craighead
Jhs Bandits Craighead
Jhs-PowerWalkers Craighead
Jude Ashley
Kontrolled Kaos LRSO
LUMC Galloping Golfers Jefferson
LUMC Laura Squared Jefferson
LUMC Senior Walkers Jefferson
LUMC Staff Steppers Jefferson
Ladies on a Mission Ashley
Laura squared Jefferson
Live I 40:3 Pope
Lonoke Plant Path Lonoke
Lucy's Loyal Subjects LRSO
Marked Tree Indians Poinsett
Maysville Walkers Benton
McGarrhs Union
Mermaids and mermen 1 Jefferson
Mighty Warriors Ashley
Monroe County Warriors Monroe
Morning Movers Stone
Morning Star Benton
NAES Walkers Ashley
New Edinburg Eagles Cleveland
New Horizon Walkers Howard
Ninja Puppets LRSO
Omaha Shake & Ache Boone
Orionstar Mississippi
Ozark Get Fit Franklin
Peanut Butter and Jelly Legs Drew
Perry County Pacers Perry
Phoenix Risers Ashley
Pine Bluff Pacers Jefferson
Poinsett County Health Departments Poinsett
Pope County EH Pope
Pope County EH2 Pope
Redfield Wings Jefferson
Roadrunner Poinsett
Rockin' Robertson's Franklin
Russellville City Haulers Pope
Senoir Strutters Cleveland
Sidestepping Statens Pope
Singleton Family White
Sole Sisters Independence
Solemates Crittenden
Spirit of '76 4-H Arkansas
St. Luke Energizers Jefferson
Streetwalkers Ashley
Sugar Shakers Hempstead
Sweet walkers Pope
TOPS 9336 Independence
Team Blue Poinsett
Team Chuncky Monkeys Benton
Team EDP Pulaski
The Adams Family Craighead
The Big Green Team Arkansas
The Jardings Franklin
The Mighty Walking Grinders Mississippi
The Walking Divas Ashley
Trinity All Stars Jefferson
Trinity Bright Stars Jefferson
Trinity Mermaids & Mermen 1 Jefferson
Trinity Mermaids & Mermen 2 Jefferson
Trinity Shining Stars Jefferson
Trinity Super Stars Jefferson
UAM-CTC Boll Weevils Ashley
Union County Extension Office Union
Up and Moving Mississippi
VVHS Dietetic Steppers Craighead
VVHS Rockin' Walkin' Wrays Craighead
VVHS The Adams Family Craighead
VVHS The Walkie Talkies Craighead
VVHS Walkers for Wellness Craighead
VVHS walkers4lyfe Craighead
VVHS-Aces Arkansas
VVHS-Aces Landyn Craighead
Walk it out girls Craighead
Walkers Poinsett
Walking Canes Craighead
Walking Stars Benton
Walking Warriors Poinsett
Walking Warriors EPC Poinsett
Walking Wonders Howard
White Hall Walkers Jefferson
Wildcat Walkers #BR&A Cleveland
Wiley Center Mississippi
Work Out Wonders Arkansas
cool team' Arkansas
jhswalk20 Craighead
lovemyfreedom_07 Pope
walkers4lyfe Craighead
wiley center Mississippi



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