Walk Across Arkansas Spring 2018

March 11- May 5


Team Name County
4-H Challenge Disney Bounding Washington
4H challenge- GO GETTERS Pike
4HChallenge Holy Walk-amolies Pike
4HChallenge Ouachita Club Hot Spring County Hot Spring
4HChallengeWalkMoreClub Pike
ACME Walking Team LRSO
ASMSA Cyborg Dolphins School
All Stars of Trinity Jefferson
Annexercisers Pope
Are we there yet? Benton
Arnette's Highsteppers Cleveland
Atkins 4h Pope
Beech Nuts Dallas
Benton Co Ext Get Fit Benton
Better Together Pope
Blondie Bombers Jefferson
Blue Diamond Beauties Conway
Boone County Adventures Boone
Boone county walkers Boone
Bradley Biddies and 2 Old Birds Bradley
Busy Bee 4-H Pike
CASA Cruizers Dallas
Camden Road Walkers Jefferson
Cheerful Chicks Mississippi
Cheerful Extension Soles Arkansas
Chickasaw Stampede Mississippi
Circus Clerks Ashley
City Haulers Pope
Cleburne County Walkers Cleburne
Con Co EHC Hilltoppers Conway
Con Co EHC Hilltoppers II Conway
Con Co EHC New Horizons Street Walkers Conway
Con Co EHC Oppelo Twilite Trackers Conway
Con Co PJM Christ's Knights Conway
Con Co PJM Globe Trotters I Conway
Con Co PJM Globe Trotters II Conway
Con Co PJM Runner I Conway
Con Co PJM Runners II Conway
Con Co PJM Soleful Strutters I Conway
Con Co PJM Soleful Strutters II Conway
Con Co PJM Trotters II Conway
Con co PJM Trotters I Conway
Conway Strong Women Faulkner
Cooterneck Ladies Dallas
Courthouse Walkers Miller
Craighead County Extension EFNEP PA's Craighead
Crossett Eagles Ashley
Crossett Elementary Ashley
Crossetts Strolling Divas Ashley
D's Amigos Cleveland
DHS Dallas County Dallas
DHS Steamers Ashley
Debbie DeRossitte Craighead
Delight Woodsmen Pike
Dell Team Heartcore Mississippi
Dianna's Crazy Kids Lonoke
Diehards! Conway
Dogwood Forest Steppers Jefferson
E-Lemon-Aeers 1 Yell
E-Lemon-Aeers 2 Yell
EH Steppers Howard
EH Steppers 2 Howard
EH Steppers 3 Howard
EH Steppers 4 Howard
EH Steppers 5 Howard
EH Steppers 6 Howard
EH Steppers 7 Howard
EHC Ladies Dallas
Egalitarians Ashley
Elders of Manila Mississippi
Elders2 of Manila Mississippi
Enough's Enough Newton
Extension Get Fit -Cleburne Cleburne
Extension Travelers Ashley
FACS Arkansas
FCS Dream Team LRSO
Fast Trackers Washington
Financial Fitness LRSO
First Step Adult Dallas
First Step Adult 2 Dallas
First Step Adult 3 Dallas
Fit to be Tied Faulkner
Footloose Sassy Feet Ashley
Fordyce Buddies Dallas
Formosa EHC Steppers Van Buren
Formose EHC Friend's Stepping Van Buren
Foxy Ladies Arkansas
Get Moving Poinsett County Poinsett
GetFit 9AM Crittenden
Go Go Girls Ashley
Golden Oldies Dallas
Gosnell Gogetters Mississippi
Grant County Fitness Pacers Grant
Green Klovers Arkansas
Happy Feet Ashley
Harmon Family Hot Spring
Harmon Family Hot Spring
Harmon girls Hot Spring
Headstarters Ashley
Health and Happiness Benton
Healthy Consumers 1 Ashley
Healthy Consumers 2 Ashley
Healthy Consumers 3 Ashley
Healthy Lifestyle Ashley
Hearne Steppers Crittenden
Hearty Walkers 1 Jefferson
Hearty Walkers 2 Jefferson
Hearty Walkers 3 Jefferson
Heavenly Walkers I Conway
Heavenly Walkers II Conway
Heavy Hitter Ritters Crittenden
Hempstead 4-H Steppers Hempstead
Hillbilly 4H Club Izard
Hogs on the Road Miller
Hogskinners Calhoun
Holt Auto Group Ashley
It's Just Us Dallas
JCGHC -Jeff Co Growing Healthy Communities Jefferson
JHS Angel Cookies Craighead
JHS Golden Stars Craighead
JHS Nation Craighead
JHS T3 Craighead
JHS Winners Craighead
JHS people Craighead
JHS- Wolves Craighead
JHS345 Craighead
JHSCanes Craighead
JHSHubb.com Craighead
Jarding Siblings Franklin
Jhs walkers Craighead
Jude Ashley
Just Thinking... Poinsett
Ladies on a Mission Ashley
Less Pies More Exercise Washington
MOA High Steppers Dallas
MOST Group Crittenden
Maguire EHC Walkers Arkansas
McGarrhs Union
Mighty Warriors Ashley
Millcreek Dallas
Millcreek 2 Dallas
Milligan Ridge Walking Warriors Mississippi
Miz Lucy?s Gurls Arkansas
Morning Movers Stone
Motown Seniors I Conway
Motown Seniors II Conway
Motown Seniors III Conway
Mountain View Get Fit Stone
Munden Maniacs Lonoke
NAES Walkers Ashley
Nettleton Nutrition & Wellness 3rd period Craighead
Nettleton Nutrition & Wellness 5th period Craighead
New Horizon Walkers Arkansas
New Horizon Walkers Howard
No Stopping Us Benton
Oahu Bound Ashley
Ole Fuddie Duddies Hempstead
Ozark Extension Get Fit Franklin
Ozark Get Fit Franklin
PVGetFit Logan
Phoenix Risers Ashley
Pope County EH Pope
Prairie Angels Arkansas
Pulaski Pacers Pulaski
RCS Eagles Jefferson
ROC'n Ramblers Sebastian
Recess Racers Prairie
Red Springs EHC Clark
Riceland Roadrunners Arkansas
Rotary Ramblers Dallas
Run for Your Life Crittenden
Rusty Walkers Dallas
SEAHDC Lean Machine Bradley
Scrappy Belles Howard
Simple Bankers Dallas
Slowly but surely Washington
Solemates Crittenden
Southside 4-H Club Independence
Southside 4-H Parents Independence
Spirited Steppers Arkansas
St. Andrew MBC Striders Jefferson
St. Marks Strong Women/Get Fit Project Club Ouachita
Star Steppers - Lunch Bunch Jefferson
Streetwalkers Ashley
Strickler 4-H Club Washington
T3 Craighead
The Draper Family Hot Spring
The Faithful Few Prairie
The Jardings Arkansas
The MisFits Prairie
The Perambulators Conway
The Sugar Shakers Lonoke
The Three Generations Jefferson
The Tired Tigers Johnson
The Walking Alive and Sanctified Mississippi
The Walking Divas Ashley
The Walking Grannies Poinsett
The family that walks together Cleveland
Travelin Tomatoes Bradley
Trinity All Stars Jefferson
Trinity Bright Stars Jefferson
Trinity Lutheran Church Jefferson
Trinity Mermaids & Mermen 1 Jefferson
Trinity Mermaids & Mermen 2 Jefferson
Trinity Shining Stars Jefferson
Trinity Super Stars Jefferson
Truth Seekers Pope
Two Rivers School District Woodruff
Two Rivers School Patricia Briley Yell
Two Rivers School district Patricia Briley Yell
U.A.P.B. Lionettes Jefferson
UAM CTC Boll Weevils Ashley
Union County Cooperative Extension Staff Union
Walk it out girls Craighead
WalkMoreClub4HChallenge Pike
Walking Harps Washington
Walking Stars Benton
Walking Women Craighead
Wally's Girls Ashley
Warren Woman's Club Bradley
Washington County 4-H Livestock Leadership Adults Washington
Washington County 4-H Livestock Leadership Club Washington
Washington County 4-H Livestock Leadership Team 2 Washington
Weezers & Geezers Dallas
Wellness Walkers Mississippi
Wesley Walkers Jefferson
White Hall Walkers Jefferson
Wildcat Walkers Cleveland
Wolfpack Walkers Arkansas
Work Out Wonders Arkansas
countrybunch Cross
jhs canes Craighead



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